Voice of the Patients (and their family members)

The video interview below reports the story of another patient affected by Parkinson’s Disease and his wife. The patient was diagnosed with PD in 2007 and until 2014 his general condition has worsened to the point that the patient had an accident and was hospitalized. The doctors who examined the patient in 2014 assessed that the condition of the patient was particularly severe and communicated to his wife that she should prepare for the worst to happen soon.

This patient’s wife did not give up and looked for further support until she was told to try the high dose thiamine therapy. He husband, filmed in this interview before the treatment, had severe symptoms of PD including difficulties in maintaining focus, difficult speech, inability to stand and even sit (needed straps to hold him in place while on a wheel chair). The improvements after the high-dose thiamine protocol are evident and are sustained today, in October 2018, almost 4 and a half years after the beginning of the therapy.

In this remarkable case, not only the patient has seen the development of the disease disappear (against the sentence announced by the responsible hospital MD who treated him in 2014 and announced his death as imminent) but the regression of most of the symptoms and the regaining of a normal life has been startling.

In this video interview the patient explains his story and serves as a perfect example to show the potential of this novel therapy.

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