GoFundMe Campaign

Numerous patients have found solace from a number of symptoms of their neurodegenerative or autoimmune diseases after the treatment with high dose thiamine. This is the main reason why our team has been relentlessly working every day since 2011 to provide patients worldwide with the opportunity to try our promising and safe therapy.

The healthunlocked.com forum, under the section dedicated to Parkinson’s Disease and the High Dose Thiamine protocol has become a phenomenal repository of patient’s feedback on the effectiveness of the therapy and the phenomenal impact that it has had on their lives.

“In April 2018, I stumbled upon HealthUnlocked and Dr. Constantini’s high dose vitamin B1 thiamine therapy. Thiamine has given me my life back, and as my husband says “it has given him his wife back”. Life for me is now about 94-95% of normal. Quite an improvement from a year prior to thiamine therapy, where my world had become small and limited. Now I do everything and go everywhere.”

There are countless feedback like the one above.

However, there is also widespread skepticism, as it is understandable, surrounding a novel therapy like the one discussed on this website, so effective yet so simple. When hundred of millions USD are spent for the research, the high dose thiamine therapy might show the light at the end of the tunnel, though for those who are lacking the first person experience it is easy to assume that such light is an hallucination.

To this end, a multi-location randominzed double-blind placebo-controlled trial covering a representative number of patients and spanning over the relevant time frame is necessary for informing scientifically and with statistical significance on the effectiveness of the therapy, understand and describe its mechanisms and potentially further improve its efficacy and thus obtain the authorization to become a standard therapy.

This type of research requires an authorized structure and a relevant budget for its execution. Over the past months our team has been able to establish contacts with an Italian public hospital, a recognized clinic in the UK and a number of health research centers in the United States that could perform the study, provided that funds are available.

In order to collect the minimum amount of funds necessary for carrying out this complex multi-location trial, we have started a GoFundMe campaign to support this endeavor with the goal to raise the necessary amount to mainstream the High Dose Thiamine therapy and make it accessible, through your own informed practitioner, everywhere in the world.

Consider donating to this research:



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  1. This is wonderful. I am immediately contributing to this movement to help others like myself with Parkinson’s. I am a healthunlocked Parkinson’s contributor and beneficiary who has benefited from the use of high dose thiamine.


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