“They told me his death was near, but I didn’t give up.” — A patient and his wife talk about HDT

The video interview below [in Italian, with English subtitles] reports the story of a patient severely affected by Parkinson’s Disease whose life was saved by his determined wife.

The patient was diagnosed with PD in 2007; by 2014 his general condition had worsened to the point that he had an accident and was hospitalized. The hospital doctors who examined him in 2014 assessed the patient’s condition as particularly severe, and told his wife that she should prepare for the worst to happen soon.

But this determined woman did not give up. She looked for possible treatments and support until she was told to try the high dose thiamine therapy. She then found her way to us.

When we first met him, her husband — filmed in this interview before receiving high-dose thiamine treatment — had severe symptoms of PD including difficulties in maintaining focus, difficult speech, and inability to stand or to sit (needed wheelchair straps to hold him in place). His impairment is obvious and extreme.

In the latter parts of the video, however, the improvements in his symptoms after starting and continuing the high-dose thiamine protocol are equally evident, and were still sustained at our latest contact with him in October 2018, at that time almost four and a half years after he started receiving high-dose thiamine therapy.

In this remarkable case, not only has the patient seen progression of the disease disappear (despite the hospital MDs’ prognosis of immanent death in 2014), but has also experienced regression of most of his PD symptoms, restoring to him a startling degree of normal life.

This patient’s history shows the true potential of this novel therapy. Although this patient’s return from near death is an extreme example, his dramatic functional improvement from taking high-dose thiamine is not at all unusual among our patients receiving it.

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